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Surface Area


27,675 ha



In the Aegean Region; within the jurisdiction of Aydın City / Kuşadası and Söke Counties.



Accessed through Kuşadası-Söke Highway. Whereas its distance to Kuşadası is 28 km, to Söke is 34 km.

 Geological structure of the Dilek Peninsula formed by elongation of the Samsun Mountain is composed of Paleozoic crusts, Mesozoic limestone and marbles and Neogen sedimentary blocks. The peninsula characterized with attractive beaches with sandy, clayey, inclined, and elevated coastal forms. 
The Greater Menderes Delta located just south of the peninsula has an international marsh land characteristic at the gate of the bay exhibiting fast morphological development and it contains numbers of lagoons and swamp areas as an outputs of this development process. This lagoon system in which fresh and salty waters mix with each other hosts a diverse biological variety in its structure. In this diverse ecosystem, 209 different bird species are observed. This area is also the most important breeding area of the Dalmatian pelican, one of the endangered species and also, one of the other endangered bird species, pygmy cormorant, is also known to nest in here.

Especially northern section of the National Park is covered with rare Mediterranean vegetation. The peninsula conserves the most brilliant and healthy samples of daphnia and chestnut plant belts beside all plant species from the Mediterranean marquis flora. The National Park’s southwest section is filled with chestnut specific to the northern Anatolian forests and one of the rare places where viburnum plant can be found throughout Turkey. Then viburnum and Finike junipers formed a small clusters, holm oak and branchy cedar can collectively only be seen in this park in Turkey.
National Park is the last habitation place which hosts endangered vegetative and animal species. Furthermore, it’s a perfect environment for the Mediterranean seal conserved in Mediterranean countries and the see turtles to habitat in the coasts of national park.
Panionion, political-purpose union of Ionia, established on the skirts of the Dilek Hill on the northeast border of the National Park in Güzelçamlı District around 9th and 8th B.C. was used a meeting place for confederation.

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