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Güvercinada Fortress, located in the Hacıfeyzullah District of Kuşadası City, was built on the mouth of the harbour to protect it. There is an inner fortress (built by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha) and fortress walls (built by İlyas Aga) on the island. These walls were built to protect against the expected attacks from the Greek islanders and from the sea during the Mora Revolt period.  Walls were built approximately 3 m-high and surround the island in its entirety. The stones used in construction of the fortress were transported from Yılancı Cape. To the south of the walls, there is gate protected by two towers with arches and which can be climbed by means of stairs facing toward the south. While the north tower is in a pentagon shape, the southern tower is structured in a cylindrical form. The gap on the gate suggests that there was an inscription hanged on the gate. Construction inscription of walls is placed on northern tower wall. The inscription is comprised of 4 lines and 20 sentences dated 1242 (1826).

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