Altın Güvercin Composition Competition

The musical journey of Kuşadası Altın Güvercin Composition Competition, the only traditional music competition in the field of pop music in Turkey, started in Kuşadası on a July evening in 1985.

During a conversation with Presenter and TV program producer Halit KIVANC, Artists Timur SELÇUK and Erol EVGİN and with the belief that creation of a qualified and traditional competition being beneficial not only to Kuşadası but also to Turkey in general; a joint decision was made that the music competition would be predominantly a “composition” one and inspired from pigeons being symbols of peace this composition contest would be named the “Altın Güvercin Composition Competition”.  

The first Kuşadası Altın Güvercin Music Competition was held in 1986 and Fatih ERKOÇ was the winner of this very first competition.
 Around 6000 works have been submitted for the contest so far. The average number of works sent each year is around 200-250. Altın Güvercin Music Competitions have been held 21 times between 1986 and 2013.

Popular names such as Fatih Erkoç, Harun Kolçak and Aşkın Nur Yengi, Cem Karaca, Asya, Eda and Metin Özülkü, İzel, Çelik and Ercan, Bora Ayanoğlu, Suavi, Burak Uçkun, Mert Ekren, Şebnem Özsaran, Tayfun Duygulu, Işın Karaca and Neslihan Demirtaş have received great prizes during this contest..