Castle Gate

The fortress gate is one of the symbols of Kuşadası and is part of the city walls built by Konevi Mehmet Pasha in the 17th century. It is known as the south gate and was once used as an upper level station. This square shaped tower is probably one of the three main city entrance doors of the Ottoman period. According to local legend those who pass under this castle gate can never again leave Kuşadası and become its permanent resident. Today this magnificently intact structure is used as “Kuşadası Municipality Necati Korkmaz Micro Miniature Art Centre and Museum” for the display of over 40 micro miniature art works, some of which are recognised to be smallest artworks in the world.
This exhibition centre, third of its kind in the world, in the unique historical settings of 17th century can be visited seven days a week for an experience of modern art in settings over 2 centuries old.