Cave of Zeus

The Zeus Cave is within the borders of Güzelçamlı which was known as Panionion during the antique age and was the meeting point of the Federation of Ionia 12 city states.

The Zeus Cave located in this very important antique centre took its name from mythological God of Sky Zeus. It is said that mythological Goddess of Beauty Aphrodite became beautiful after she swam in this cave.  According to another myth the mother of Prophet Jesus, Virgin Mary also visited the cave of Zeus on her journey from Samos Island to Ephesus and bathed in its waters. For this reason, it is believed that the water within the Zeus Cave has a beautifying effect on the skin of women.

Zeus, the God of Sky would take refuge in this cave whenever he escaped from his brother Posedion’s wrath, waited there for his brother to calm down, rested and took baths in its waters.

The cave which has the appearance of a natural pond in a rock is 60 meters long, 20 meters wide and 10 meters deep. The average temperature in the cave throughout the year is 5 degrees Celsius. The water in the cave comes from small outlets within the rocks and water changes very slowly. The cave is very cold during the summer and warm during the winter periods. The cave water is barren of any living things and its water is tasteless.

Are you daring enough to be part of mythology? If so the Cave of Zeus awaits you with all its natural glory and legendary settings.