Cherry Festival

Ecological village Kirazlı is famous for its organic village breakfasts, local food and traditional architecture.
Kirazlı village is situated 11 km from Kuşadası and is an ecological village which preserves and maintains its nature, traditional life styles, agricultural activities and organic farming in great measures.

At the time of the town’s foundation the village was given the name “KÜPLÜCE” (earthenware) due to the large number of earthenware jars which were excavated. This name was later changed to “AKÇAOVA” due to its high fertile soil.  Once it became apparent that its fertile soils were producing high quality cherries it then changed its name once again to that of “Kirazlı” meaning “the one with cherries”.

We, as Kuşadası Municipality,  have organised the Cherry Festival to reflect the energy of Kirazlı District, where Turkey’s  highest quality cherries are grown.