CHP Batman Field Solution Team, hosted by the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Kuşadası District Organization in Kuşadası for four days, visited Kuşadası Mayor Ömer Günel in his office on the last day of their trip. During the visit, which was attended by Kuşadası Deputy Mayor Seyfi Seyhan Suvari and Council Member Emre Fazlılar, ideas were exchanged on general and local elections.

CHP Batman Field Solution Team, invited to Kuşadası by Mayor Ömer Günel, who met with the party members during his visit to Batman last month and toured the city, and hosted in Kuşadası by the CHP Kuşadası District Organization, paid a courtesy visit to Kuşadası Mayor Ömer Günel on the last day of their tour program. CHP Batman Field Solution Team, who visited the cultural and historical sites in the city during the four-day tour programs, stated that they liked the city very much during their visit to the office.

Mayor Ömer Günel, who gave information about the projects and works implemented by the Municipality of Kuşadası to the team, said;

 “As Kuşadası Municipality, we are making infrastructure and superstructure investments in our city, while producing projects in the field of social municipalism. At the same time, not forgetting our young people, who are our most important value, and the digital nomads who work without being bound to time and place with the developing technology we are also establishing facilities that integrate our city into the world with projects such as İstasyon Kuşadası and Kampinova project”

CHP Batman Field Solution Team members thanked Mayor Ömer Günel and stated that they had the opportunity to examine the projects and works carried out in the city during their four-day trip and stated that they liked the work done by Kuşadası and Kuşadası Municipality very much and that they would share the ideas they gained when they returned to Batman.