Endemic Plants

The spread of the species known as Aydin Ölmez flower in our country can only be seen in Kuşadası and is an endemic species specific to our city. It spreads in limestone soils overlooking the sea. It is a perennial herbaceous species and its flowering time is 4-5 months. It’s one of the important medicinal plants. The tea prepared by the brewing the flowering parts of the plant is used for diuretic purposes and kidney stone, allergic skin diseases, biliary diseases and migraine treatment.

It was introduced to the scientific world from Kuşadası and takes its name from Samson Mountain (formerly Mykale) located on the Dilek Peninsula. According to IUCN it is a critically (CR) endemic plant.

It is locally known as Aydın Gaşağı, Tüllüşah and Delice Artichokes. It is spread in Kuşadası and Muğla cities of our country. It is a perennial semi-herbaceous species. Their flowering time is on the 6th -7th months and they are usually found in dry bushes and calcareous scrub areas and roadsides up to 300 m above sea level. They can be used in landscape applications. The plant has medicinal effects and it is stated that the substances obtained from these plants are used in cancer studies.

The valley upon which this rare plant species grow is a specially must to see for all nature lovers.

Flowering time is in the 5th -6th months and it generally prefers stony-rocky areas and walls, edges and edge tops. It has a good landscape plant feature. It is an endemic species for Kuşadası and its surroundings.

Peony is one of our important endemic species. In our country, it grows in the Southern and Western Anatolia regions at 1800 meters under forests, along streams and moist soils. Flowering time is in the 7th month. It is one of the important species which can be used for landscape works.