Findikli Castle

The Fındıklı Castle is located to the north of the Samsun Mountains and is situated on o rocky terrain at an altitude of 600-700 meters and completely dominates over Karaova, Davutlar and Kuşadası Gulf areas. It is very difficult to differentiate the castle walls from the rocky terrain from a distance. Taking its location into consideration, the castle which gained much importance during the Byzantine period, is believed to have been constructed or used much earlier than this.  

Fındıklı Castle has an irregular plan due to been constructed according to the shape of the land it is built on.  The castle descends down the terraces on its north and west sides and reaches cliffs of 100- 150 meters. The main entrance of the castle is reached via a rocky path to its southeast.  It is not possible to identify a significant structuring within the castle. Fındıklı Castle is located on a slope 5-6 km away from south of Davutlar village. The castle, situated in a rich forestry area and surrounded by natural beauty may be reached via a 1.5 hour walk for those who love hiking.