Kuşadası Municipality, which continues its investments in order to use the thermal resources of the city in the most effective and efficient way in the field of health tourism, visited Afyonkarahisar Municipality and made a technical examination at the facilities of Afyon Geothermal A.Ş (AFJET).

Kuşadası Municipality officials, who continue to work in order to use the geothermal resources in Davutlar in the most accurate way in the field of health tourism, visited Afyonkarahisar, an important city in the geothermal field, after their visit to Sındırgı Municipality of Balıkesir. Remzi Çengel, Deputy Mayor of Kuşadası, and Umut Şenol, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ada Davutlar Geothermal Inc., which was established within the body of Kuşadası Municipality in order to create resources and invest in the geothermal field took part in the visit.

Kuşadası Municipality officials, who met with Afyonkarahisar Mayor Mehmet Zeybek and AFJET General Manager İsmail Kara, later visited AFJET, which has Turkey’s largest Geothermal Tourism Thermal Line. Kuşadası Municipality officials, who received information from AFJET General Manager İsmail Kara, about AFJET’s work with hotels, heating of houses, and geothermal electricity production, conducted inspections at the facility.