Kuşadası Municipality offered hot soup to the people of Kuşadası in Salih Killi Park. Citizens who warmed up with the soup they drank in the cold weather thanked Kuşadası Mayor Ömer Günel.

Kuşadası Municipality, which draws attention with its works in the field of social municipalism, started to offer hot soup from its Catering Vehicle to the people of Kuşadası, who set out to go to work in the early hours of the morning, with the arrival of the cold weather. The citizens, who were warmed by the hot lentil soup they drank in cold weather, thanked Kuşadası Mayor Ömer Günel for the practice he brought to life. It has been stated that the teams of the Social Aid Works Department will continue to serve hot soup at different points of the city 5 days a week.

Deputy Mayor Seyfi Seyhan Suvari said;

“We are continuing to serve hot soup, which we started last year, this year as well. As Kuşadası Municipality, we do our best for our fellow citizens. Our work in the field of Social Municipalism will continue. Our Catering Vehicle will continue to serve hot soup in the Salih Killi Park and in front of coffee shops in İkioluklu, İkiçeşmelik District, in front of Condolence House, İsmail Cem Friendship and Peace Square, and Davutlar and Güzelçamlı districts.”