Kadi Castle/Ancient City Anaia

Kadıkalesi Anaia settlement area is located 8 km away from Kuşadası centrum and was established in a location which allowed surveillance of Samos Bosporus which played a major role in Aegean Sea maritime trade.

Kadıkalesi/Anaia Tumulus was a settlement area from prehistoric times to Ottoman era. The artifacts found during excavation works indicate the settlement to go as far back as 6000 years ago. 

The church monastery complex situated in the 12th century constructed caste and which was first unearthed in 2005 shows the significance of Anania during the Byzantine period with its magnificent dimensions and unique sub-structure. The scientific excavations in Kadıkalesi/Anaia Tumulus has been carried out by a team from Ege University Art History department since 2001 and has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Municipality of Kuşadası.

The ancient city is frequented with thousands of local and international tourists every year for an unforgettable experience of the magnificent bygone eras. 

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