Opened to public in cooperation with Municipality of Kuşadası and KEGEV, the Fatma Özel Arabul Culture Centre (KUAKMER for short) provides major contributions to city’s cultural and artistic life with its unique qualities and is the heart of Kuşadası with its usage of being a city archive and museum centre.
KUAKMER was named after the late author and poet Fatma Özel Arabul. This highly unique Culture Centre establishment also serves to promote Kuşadası’s distinguished historical and cultural values.
KUAKMER’s museum materials which reveals the historical and Cultural values of Kuşadası and its environment is acquired through donations, acquisitions and research and enriches its collection every day. The exhibition pieces in the two floored building is mainly displayed in glassed cabinets with special lightings with some in open rooms. The displays are exhibited in English and Turkish but at the request of the visitor can also be experienced with audio-visuals. The museum also has a memorial library.

 For an in-depth feel of Kuşadası of the past one must first enter through the doors of this magnificent building.