Kurşunlu Monastery

The Kurşunlu Monastery is a Byzantine constellation complex located in a forest area at the borders of the Dilek Peninsula National Park at a distance of 12 km from Kuşadası Davutlar districts and at a height of 600 meters has a magnificent overlooking view.

One of the other settlement units established during the intense Christian immigration during the 8th century is the village of Davutlar. The religious people of the era who had escaped from pressure had constructed places to hide themselves in and built churches and monasteries so to practice own religions.

As can be understood with its name of “Panagia Kurunniatissa”, a name given to it by the Greeks, it is dedicated to Virgin Mary. The word Kurşunlu which literally means “the leaded one” most probably has derived from the lead covering the structure.  This Byzantine structure is believed to have been used up until the 19th century.