Kuşadası Municipality has started to restore the historical fountains from the Ottoman period in the city in accordance with their original form. When the project is completed, water will start flowing again from the taps of the registered fountains.

Kuşadası Municipality continues its efforts to protect the historical and cultural heritage of the city and transfer it to future generations. In this context, a total of 11 fountains, 10 of which are registered and which are mostly from the Ottoman period, are being restored by the Municipality of Kuşadası in accordance with their original form in the city region known as Old Kuşadası. The project, which was approved by the Aydın Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board, is carried out by a team of 6 experts. Historical fountains, which were once a source of life thanks to the water flowing from their taps, are now architectural remains on the streets and will be reopened for use after their maintenance and repair works are completed. The registered fountains, which form a kind of historical memory of Kuşadası in terms of witnessing the period in which they were built, will thus regain their architectural character in their surroundings.

Archaeologist Ayşe Gökdemir from Kuşadası Municipality said;

 “The area where the registered fountains are located was declared an urban protected area in 1994. We will immortalize the historical fountains from the Ottoman period to the present day with the restoration and conservation works we have carried out. Thanks to the project, which we aim to complete in two months, we will bring our idle historical fountains back into use without destroying their old texture.”