Kuşadası Municipality İbramaki Art Gallery is now hosting Aydın Gaşağı Photography and Handicraft Exhibition. The interest of the people of Kuşadası was intense in the exhibition where the growing adventure of the Tülüşah, one of the 10 endemic plant species in Kuşadası,

İbramaki Art Gallery, which is one of the important addresses of culture and art events in Kuşadası, has reopened its doors to its visitors with the gradual normalization process. In the İbramaki Art Gallery, which will host many important organizations throughout the summer season, an exhibition is already being held consisting of photographs and handicrafts related to the Tülüşah, also known as Aydın Gaşağı. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held in attendance of Kuşadası District Governor Sadettin Yücel, Kuşadası Deputy Mayor Oğuzhan Turan, Aydın and Manisa Nature Conservation and National Parks (DKMP) Branch officials, Aydın Adnan Menderes University (ADU) Faculty of Agriculture faculty members, Ecosystem Protection and Nature Lovers Association (EKODOSD) volunteers and many guests.


After the ceremonial exhibition opening ribbon was cut, ADU Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural Biotechnology Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Yelda Emek explained the development process of Aydın Gaşağı through photographs to the participants. Then, the section where Tülüşah themed handicraft products made by the members of various women’s associations in Kuşadası were visited. The photography and handicraft exhibition about Aydın Gaşağı, one of the 10 endemic plant species growing in Kuşadası, can be visited until Friday, July 2nd.


The danger category of ‘Tülüşah’, named after the ancient name of the Samson Mountains, where Dilek Peninsula National Park in Güzelçamlı is located, is defined as ‘CR’ (very endangered) by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), headquartered in Gland, Switzerland.) The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has included the ‘Tülüşah’ in the ‘Species Protection Action Plan’ within the scope of protecting the endangered species in Turkey’s wildlife. Kuşadası Municipality, in cooperation with EKODOSD, has also created the ‘Tülüşah Experimental Parcel’ in Güvercinada Castle.