Marriage Application Procedures For Foreign Nationals

1: CERTIFICATE OF NO INPEDIMENT TO MARRIAGE: A document showing legal capacity to get married must be obtained and apostilled by the relevant institutions of country of origins and be translated into Turkish in a Turkish Notary;

2: If this document has been obtained from own country’s consulate in Turkey then this document must be certified by the Provincial Governorship where the consulate is located in or by the Foreign Office in Ankara

3: If this document has been multilingually prepared by the country of origin then it will not need to be certified or translated in Turkey;

4: BIRTH CERTIFICATE: The birth certificate is to be obtained from country of origins and be translated into Turkish in the consulate of origins in Turkey or in a Turkish Notary; 

5: Passport translation: The passport must be translated in a Notary;

6: Any documents obtained from Honorary Consulates will not be accepted;

7: All foreign individuals who do not speak Turkish is required to have a Notary translator with them at the time of marriage.

8: The bride and the groom must submit 5 passport sized photographs each;

9: The documents for health report will be issued by the Municipal Registration Office.


Please be notified each document will ONLY be valid for 6 months from the date they are issued