Mayor of Kuşadası


Ömer GÜNEL was born in Berlin Germany in 1971 and completed his primary and secondary schooling in city of Antalya- Turkey. He moved to Kuşadası in 1991 and worked in various jobs whilst studying in University. He is completed his undergraduate studies in Dokuz Eylül University Law faculty and Economy Law postgraduate studies in İstanbul Bilgi University. He also attended İstanbul Ticaret University Law Faculty and has achieved his European Union Expertise education successfully.

With his legal and European Union Expertise background Mr. Ömer Günel has been active in politics for a long period of time. Some of his frontline activities were as a Municipal Council Member Candidate in 2004 Local elections, CHP Kuşadası District Management Committee Member in 2008-2009 and elected CHP Municipal Council Member in 2009 local elections.

Mr. Günel who declared his Mayorship candidacy on April 6th 2013 in accompany of thousands of supporters carried his candidacy works in an exemplarily manner, knocking on each and every door of the city, shaking hands with almost all members of the community and sending letters to over 68,000 members of Kuşadası city electorates. Mr. Günel also took an active role, together with 600 volunteers, in the political works for Republican People’s Party to win in Aydın Metropolitan and Kuşadası city during the local elections and also during the June 24th General Elections with other volunteer team groups.

Ömer Günel is a member of Contemporary Lawyers Association and is the founding member of Ada Sports Club, Kuşadası Young Businessmen Association, Kuşadası Photograph and Cinema Art Association, Kuşadası Motorcycle and Motor Sports Association and many others and carried out active management duties in majority of them.

Mr. Günel, who is a firm believer that “Politics will reach to higher new goals with women and youth” is married and has two children. His wife, a teacher of many years, Mrs Duygugül Günel, and sons Ada Hasan and Rüzgar Ali are his greatest supporters and inspirations in all his works in relation to this belief.