Soğucak Sunset Festival

The history of Soğucak village goes back to the Byzantine period and the village is known to be founded by the Turkmen during the Seljuk period.
It is one of the main lines of trade with Samos Island. The village, which was recorded as “Anya-İne” during the Ottoman period has always played a strategic role due to its location.

The people of Anya obtained their water from Soğucak region and the fact that the water had a good taste for drinking and was a cold spring water had an important place in the lives of Anya residents. It was for this reason the people of Anya gave the name of Soğucak Region, where their water was sourced from, to their village.

Today, the village is a settlement connected to the Kuşadası.

It is 11 km from Kuşadası and has an altitude  of 150-200 meters above sea level.